Products available for Acne Treatment at Home

Acne treatment at home can be done using some chinese herbs that are available in USA, which are imported from main China. These herbs that are available for acne treatment at home are mixed in right proportion and made into a powder and sold. The herbs that are mixed for acne treatment at home includes, Job's Tears Seeds, Poria Mushroom, Phellodendrin Bark, Tree Peony Root Bark, Red Peony Root, Goldenthread Root, and Chinese Licorice Root.

Acutane is an acne medication that is used for acne treatment at home for treating severe acne. This is an oral medicine that reduces the secretion of sebum and oily substance from the sebaceous glands. Acutane contains Isotretinoin. Isotretinoin is used only for severe acne since it has serious side effects. Acne treatment at home taken by pregnant women, if done using Isotretinoin, should take the advice of doctors, since Isotertinoin effects the fetus. The most common side effects of Isotretinoin are dry skin, itching, dry nose, and nosebleeds. Pain in the joints are also common for people who take acne treatment at home using Isotretinoin.

Elicina cream, Retin-A Micro, Proactiv Solution, Acutane, Samuel Par Correcteur Pen, Acne Tab, and some Chinese herbs are the most commonly available medicines for acne treatment at home. Elicina cream, if used for acne treatment at home, should be applied to the area of the skin affected by acne. Samuel Par Correcteur Pen is a product that is used in acne treatment at home, for spot treatment of acne. It is applied on the acne spot. It is more effective and comes handy for acne treatment at home. It contains 7 essential natural oils as its composition. The pen destroys 100% of all the bacteria that causes acne. Proactiv solution is another product that is used for acne treatment at home. The proactive solution package consists of three solutions. One of the solution called the cleanser is used for cleaning and exfoliating the dead cells from the skin. The other solution called the toner soothes the skin, unplugs the pore and removes the excessive oil from the skin. After treating the skin with the cleanser and the toner, a lotion is applied to the skin which penetrates deeply in to the skin to kill the bacteria that causes acne. Thus acne treatment at home using proactive solution needs to be done in three steps to complete the process.




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