An Overview of Acne vulgaris treatment

The need for acne vulgaris treatment depends upon the extent of damage that acne creates to an individual. People decide to go for acne vulgaris treatment mainly to reduce or eliminate outbreaks and to prevent scarring. Mild cases of acne will not need an elaborate acne vulgaris treatment, as gentle cleansing with soap or using non prescription products such as benzoyl peroxide lotions provide effective cure and also prevent new outbreaks. The need for acne vulgaris treatment arises when the above specified for the cure of mild acne do not work and not provide the expected results.

Acne vulgaris treatment involves the prescription of topical lotions containing antibiotics or other types of bacteria-killing medications. For moderate to severe acne, oral antibiotics are prescribed as part of the acne vulgaris treatment. Topical benzoyl peroxide products are usually used in acne vulgaris treatment along with antibiotics. This combination of medications increase their effectiveness and decrease the risk of developing antibiotic resistance. Acne vulgaris treatment involves the prescription of a topical retinoid which is usually a lotion containing a form of vitamin A, a topical antibiotic usually an oral antibiotic, and benzoyl peroxide for the solid, dome or irregular-shaped, inflamed, painful lumps acne nodules. Acne vulgaris treatment involves the prescription of an oral retinoid such as Accutane for severe cases of acne. This medication is used as a last attempt in acne vulgaris treatment, as it has some rare but serious side effects and is expensive.

Acne vulgaris treatment for women involves the prescription of low-dose birth control pills particularly for women whose acne worsens during their menstrual period. Acne vulgaris treatment also involves the use of a light wave therapy which uses a narrow-band, high-intensity blue light. This is a newly developed treatment method for acne cure. This therapy is used to treat mild to moderate acne that have not responded to other medications. Acne vulgaris treatment spans for a long period of time, at times even for a few years. Medications used in acne vulgaris treatment decrease the number of pimples, nodules, or cystic lesions and prevent or stop infections.





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