Is New Acne Treatment Your Choice?

With the revolution in technology new ACNE treatment you can finally have the beautiful skin you've dreamed of! ACNE is no longer treated only with oral medications and complex topical regimens in the new ACNE treatment. New ACNE treatment includes Laser & Light Therapy, Clear light therapy and Laser photodynamic therapy.

For Laser & Light Therapy are recognized in the new ACNE treatment as simple, comfortable, performed in the office by the physician, and alleviate the burden on patients for carrying out complicated treatment regimens at home. They are the cutting edge in new ACNE treatment without any side effects or after effects. Clear-light is the ultra violet kind of blue light device, eliminates the ACNE causing bacteria also included in the new ACNE treatment. This new ACNE treatment is the first FDA-approved light device for treating ACNE. New ACNE treatment like Clear-light is performed twice a week for four weeks. This new ACNE treatment entails the patient simply lying under the light for about 15 – 30 minutes. The light is visible blue light and does not release harmful rays. It works by activating inner molecules in the elimination of the bacterium as well as a decrease in the acne lesions.

Another new ACNE treatment is Laser photodynamic therapy which advocates the application of a solution to the affected areas only. After 45 minutes, the areas are treated with a pulsed dye laser. After this new ACNE treatment, Patients may be pink or red for a day or so, but a prompt improvement in their ACNE is expected. This new ACNE treatment only needs to be performed once a month and may result in long-lived improvement. Other Laser based new ACNE treatment is also being employed in the treatment of acne worldwide. Pediatric Use of this new ACNE treatment for children below the age of 12 has not been established.





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