Different Ways for Pimple cure

Appearance of pimples on the face is a common problem that is encountered by most of the teenagers around the world. Different treatments are available for pimple cure. Pimple cure is the foremost problem that teenagers would like to tackle, since it reduces the confidence level in them. The primary reason for teenagers to get pimples, is mostly because of the hormonal changes that takes place at their age. In some cases pimples have genetic links also. Pimple cure can be done using herbal products that are available in the medical stores and are mostly available without prescription.

Herbal remedies and home made remedies are the most preferred way for pimple cure. Some of the home made remedies available for pimple cure are ground orange peel, juice of green/raw papaya, pomegrenate skin roasted and powdered & mixed with fresh lime, sesame Seeds ground and mixed with water, and almond oil. Fine powder of rice, ground at home and mixed with water acts as a soothing agent for bleeding pimples. This is a method that is used for pimple cure. Cucumber Juice when applied over the face is excellent home remedy for pimple cure. The same cucumber juice can also be mixed with carrot, lettuce or alfalfa and then applied to the face which has pimples. This is an excellent pimple cure that can be done at home itself.

There are many allopathic products in the form of ointments and creams available in the market for pimple cure. Products like Metro-cream or gel can be applied on the pimples for pimple cure. Cleocin T lotion is another product that is available for topical treatment of pimple cure. The other topical creams that are available for pimple cure are Benzamycin gel and Azelex cream. Benzamycin gel has benzoyl peroxide which destroys the bacterial that is present in the pimples. There are also some oral medicines that can be taken a part of the pimple cure process. These oral products are Tetracycline, Minocycline, and Erythromycin. These products help very much in pimple cure.





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