Introduction to Pimple Medication

Around the world many people suffer from pimple eruption, not only during the teenage years, can occur even in adulthood, depending on their hormonal activity, heredity and hygienic conditions. Many types of pimple medication are available. However choosing the best pimple medication can be tedious. The recommendations are based on the simple and ease approach to get rid of the pimples.

Initially, oral allopathic pimple medication is not prescribed. Generally, external pimple medication is administrated like Anti-bacterial cream, cleansers or some steroid creams. But, for acute cases antibiotics are used to control the infection. It is not out of place to mention here that the Allopathic pimple medication results slowly and sometimes temporary stoppage only. If the pimple infection is chronic and accompanied by pain removal or drainage of cysts is done. Be aware that this may leave some scare mark. Some Hormone (found in Birth Control Pills containing oestrogens and progesterone) based pimple medication can avoid pimples eruption. But dryness of the skin and headaches may come as adverse effects. Homoeopathic pimple medication treatment can give permanent relief to recurrent pimples. The early you treat with homeopathic pimple medication, you get speedier and complete cure without any scar. Homoeopathic pimple medication point toward internal body disorder, so the usage of external application does not yield permanent results, since it usually suppresses the condition. The tendency to erupt or break into pimples is in the body, not just in the face. So it cannot be cured with ointments.

In fact, it is better to avoid topical pimple medication as far as homeopathic is concerned.Casually some people claim mud mask is the best pimple medication but it helps only to shrink, may leave mark.Usually any pimple medication is results slowly, since, it is the outer most part of the body and also often exposed to irritants or pollutants or frictions which hinder the action of drugs. Even under pimple medication, recurrence is common in skin disorder, pimples being no exception. Recurrence often produces permanent scarring. In case of pimples, the habits of picking, pinching, rubbing also hinder the curing process and add infection.





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