The Most Common Pimple remedies

There is lots of pimple remedies some of them are ayur Vedic, home made remedy, allopathic, natural herbal products. The best pimple remedies is home made remedy. Homemade remedies are easily available in home; it won’t cost you more money and its very effective. Some of home made, pimple remedies are by applying sandal wood paste with rose water on your face every night then wash it with Luke warm water in the morning. Applying Orange peel paste for 10to15 minutes helps to cure pimple.

Some of the do’s for pimple remedies are drinking at least 1liter of water daily it helps to remove toxic from your body, eating lots of fruits and green vegetables, and having sufficient sleep(6to8) hours daily. Do not pluck or squeeze the pimple. It will make the pimple worst than before. Pimple remedies by using ayur Vedic. In ayur Vedic pimple remedies commonly used ingredients are chandan, raktachandanem, and manjishta. All these ingredients are used to cure pimple. Some of the herbal pimple remedies are neem, turmeric, basil etc. Turmeric and neem are very effective, by applying the paste of neem you can seen the effect with in few seconds.

Fruits and vegetables are more helpful for pimple remedies. Some fruits are orange, papaya, and pomegranate. Cucumber paste applied for 10to15 minutes on face is the superb pimple remedies. Ripe tomato pulp is kept on the pimple for 1 hour it helps to reduce pimple it is also one of the pimple remedies. Lime juice and mint juice helps to reduce the pimple. Mostly citrus fruits are used in pimple remedies. Applying toothpaste on affected area it helps to dry the pimple it also one of the pimple remedies. Honey face pack helps to moistures the skin and remove pimple. Calamine lotion helps to dry the pimple and helps to control oil.





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