Best ways in Pimple Treatment

Pimple Treatment results gradually and no quick cure for those unsightly blemishes. Pimple Treatment prevents to major breakouts like infections and will greatly reduce your discomfort and chance of scarring. Presently, many methods used in pimple treatment. Topical application (applied to the skin) of the medicated cream, gel, lotion products can help or clear in pimple treatment. Some oral antibiotics are also administrated for pimple treatment. These oral or topical treat pimples can take several weeks or months to have their maximum effect.

Recently some new and very promising non-steroidal topical medications recommended in pimple treatment are available. They appear to work most effectively on the pimples (papules and pustules). Many new products in the market for pimple treatment consult your dermatologist before you handle. However, natural substances like sandal wood, turmeric powder and some medicinal herbs can be directly applied as pimple treatment. Calamine based lotion is also very useful to pimple treatment. Calamine helps you to have drying effect. If there is less sweating, then your result in pimple treatment is very easy.

Regular body perspiring exercise is a preventive advice in pimple treatment which will also activate sebum production and the level of acne causing bacteria due to the extra salts, perspiration and oils released by a sweating body during a workout. Similarly even at home you can start pimple treatment carefully by cleaning the skin gently but thoroughly with soap and warm water to remove dirt or make-up. Use a clean cloth to dry the face every day to prevent bacterial re-infection. Use steam or warm, moist compresses to open up clogged pores before your pimple treatment. Don't squeeze, scratch, pick, or rub as these activities can increase skin damage. During the pimple treatment, identify and avoid anything that aggravates pimples. This may include oily foods, lotions, make-up, dust environment and so on.





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