Remedies for Acne – Role of Foods and Herbs

Remedies for acne include both herbal treatment and allopathic treatment. Herbal remedies for acne comprises natural products like tea tree oil, essential oils like chamomile, clove, grapefruit, and lavender. The above mentioned natural products are used externally only. The allopathic remedies for acne also include topical medicines and oral medicines. Topical medicines are those that are applied to the skin externally. Oral allopathic remedies for acne comprises of products that contain tetracycline. If a person goes for oral allopathic remedies for acne that contains tetracycline, he / she may need to take the medicine on empty stomach. Nausea and dizziness are common to persons who take tetracycline.

Apart from the above remedies for acne, which are oral, there are remedies for acne that are topical in nature. These topical remedies for acne include applying creams and other natural products over the skin that has acne. The topical products fight the bacteria that are found in the pores caused by acne. Remedies for acne which comprises of topical products contain the antibiotics like Cleocin T and Azelex. As a supplement to the remedies for acne mentioned above, if a person takes care of his diet the cure will be quicker and may avoid acne in the future. A proper diet is thus necessary to have good and healthy clear skin. Food items that have rich carotene content are preferred to prevent acne.

The remedies for acne also include treating a person affected by acne by products which are derivatives of vitamin A, birth control pills, light therapy etc. The vitamin A derivatives, remedies for acne include products like Retin-A, Differin and Tazorac which encourage shedding of dead cells, when they are applied to the skin that is affected by acne. Some derivatives like Acutane may cause serious side effects like psychological disorder. Even birth control pills are recommended for some women, since these pills control the hormone levels which produce the oil in the skin. Apart from the vitamin A derivatives and birth control pills for women, there are other remedies for acne, which include light therapy. Light therapy for acne treatment may take upto four weeks. Light therapy if used for acne treatment, are more effective and there will no side effects. Most of the other products may have side effects like redenning of skin, dryness and irritation.





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