Medications used in Treatment of Adult Acne

Numerous medicines are available in the form of topical or oral medicines for the treatment of adult acne. Treatment of adult acne can be done even at home using the common home remedies available and by using the ointments and creams that are available in leading pharmacies without prescription. In case of severe acne, a person can go for treatment of adult acne in clinics. Adult acne is caused by the clogging of pores of the skin.

The sebaceous glands produce oil that need to come out of the pores in the skin. If there is any blockage of the hair follicle due to dead cells, then the oil from the sebaceous glands get stuck up and form acne. This serves as a place for growth of bacteria. Most of the treatment of adult acne aims at unblocking the pores so that the oil blocked comes out and leaves the skin clear. The bacteria that is found in the blocked pores are killed during the treatment of adult acne.

Treatment of adult acne can be done using the essential oils that is available naturally. Oils like tea tree oil, lavender oil, clove oil are applied on the skin affected by acne during the treatment of adult acne. This oil penetrates the blocked skin pores and fights against the bacteria that cause acne. Intake of oral medicines help in proper functioning of the sebaceous glands, liver etc so the the oil and the hormones that are secreted are in control. Controlling the hormonal secretions and oil from the sebaceous gland help treatment of adult acne. Treatment of adult acne using topical medicines includes cool camomile tea, ointments containing zinc, cedar wood, clove, geranium, and grapefruit. Topical treatment of adult acne also includes juniper, lavender, palma rosa, patchouli, peppermint, and tangerine. Oral treatment of adult acne is done using oral medicines containing burdock root, blue flag and sarsparilla. Treatment of adult acne is also done using oral herbal medicines like milt thistle seed, aloe vera juice, evening primrose, and flaxseed. Modern treatment like Clear light treatment and laser treatments are also available now-a-days for treatment of adult acne.





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