The Need for ADD adult medication

Add adult medication involves the use of stimulants for the treatment of ADD symptoms in adults. Today, there are many add adult medication options available for the physicians to treat adults suffering due to ADD. Few years ago, only a few medicines were available for add adult medication and there were lot of restrictions in the prescribing the medicines to adults fearing adverse side effects. Continued research done on add adult medication has shown that stimulant medications such as methylphenidate otherwise known as Ritalin and dextroamphetamine compounds such as Dextrostat, Dexedrine Spansules and ADDerall help in the treatment of ADD in adults.

As ADD is common in children of young age, there is more information available on ADD child medication than for add adult medication. Majority of the medications applied for children suffering due to ADD holds good for add adult medication too. While prescribing ADD adult medication, due care should be taken, as add adult medication may interact with the medications for other medical conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. In some cases, these other medications may lead to inattention and as a result worsen the symptoms of ADD.

Add adult medication usually requires more than one medication to effectively control all the symptoms of ADD. In case a person suffering due to ADD also has a disorder such as depression, medication is needed to treat this disorder also along with the ADD adult medication. As a result, enough care need to be taken while prescribing add adult medication for an individual, so that the individual gets total relief from the distressing symptoms. If the add adult medication is prescribed without taking due care, then it may worsen the very symptoms of ADD for which the medication is meant for. Add adult medication involving stimulants such as methylphenidate and amphetamine along with some tricyclics such as Desipramine have shown better results in adults suffering due to ADD and have a response rate of 60 to 80%.




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