ADD Adult Symptom - Types and Nature

ADD adult symptom is unique in each individual. This means that no two persons have the same ADD adult symptom. Some minor changes can be noticed in the ADD adult symptom of each individual. For easy recognition of a person with ADD adult symptom, some of ADD adult symptom that occur frequently have been listed. Physicians can use the ADD adult symptom checklist to come to find whether an individual suffers from ADD or not. Now let us see the ADD adult symptom list that are common among most of the individuals suffering due to the disorder.

An internal sense of anxiety is an ADD adult symptom. An impulsive spending habit is another ADD adult symptom. A frequent distraction during sex is another ADD adult symptom. Frequently misplacing the car keys, purse or wallet or other day-to-day items and lack of attention to detail is another ADD adult symptom. Trouble following the proper channels or chain of commands and facing difficulties in maintaining an organized work and/or home environment is another ADD adult symptom. Impulsive job changes is another ADD adult symptom. Poor financial management and frequent late bills is another ADD adult symptom. Procrastination and spending excessive time at work due to inefficiencies is another ADD adult symptom. Inconsistent work performance and sense of underachievement is another ADD adult symptom. Frequent mood swings and facing difficulties in sustaining friendships or intimate relationships is another ADD adult symptom.

To confirm whether an individual has ADD, a physician has to first check for conditions like anxiety, depression, hypothyroidism, manic-depression or obsessive compulsive disorder, which are more or less similar to ADD adult symptom of an individual. As hormonal imbalances in peri-menopause and menopause produce foggy thinking, anxiety and exaggerated outbursts, women should rule out peri-menopause if ADD adult symptom start appearing in their late 30s or 40s. Initially, physicians prescribe antidepressants like Prozac for an individual suffering with ADD, as the ADD adult symptom starts developing in an individual along with depression in most cases. If antidepressants do not work, then physicians prescribe stimulant medication such as Adderall, Concerta, Ritalin, etc for treating the ADD adult symptom.




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