Basics of ADD adult treatment

As ADD is considered a medical condition, a physician need to be consulted to get ADD adult treatment for relief from the symptoms of ADD. Some people do not go for ADD adult treatment, as their ADD symptoms do not cause a greater level of discomfort to them. Some others find it difficult to function properly without ADD adult treatment.

As a result, the need for ADD adult treatment depends on the extent of discomfort caused by the symptoms of ADD in a particular individual. There is no specific cure available for ADD till date. The ADD adult treatment generally provided for individuals suffering due to ADD, is a combination of medication and behavior modification techniques for the effective cure of ADD.

Currently, the ADD adult treatment practices focus on management of symptoms through a combination of treatment methods. Some of the treatment methods that are used in ADD adult treatment include behavior modification, medication, and combination therapy. The behaviour modification treatment method of ADD adult treatment uses basic learning techniques such as conditioning, biofeedback, reinforcement, or aversion therapy, to alter human behavior. Medication treatment method of ADD adult treatment uses some of the popular stimulants available in the market for the cure of ADD symptoms. Combination therapy treatment method of ADD adult treatment uses a combination behavior therapy and medication.

ADD adult treatment should be individualized for each patient. The ADD adult treatment process has three basic stages which includes baseline evaluation, treatment strategy, and symptom monitoring and strategy adjustment. In the baseline evaluation stage of ADD adult treatment, the physician determines the target symptoms and the baseline degree of impairment. In the treatment strategy stage of ADD adult treatment, the physician forms a treatment strategy by prioritizing the target symptoms and determines the treatment methods which will effectively help reduce the symptoms of ADD. In the symptom monitoring and strategy adjustment stage of ADD adult treatment, symptoms of ADD are monitored in various areas such as learning, academics, family interactions, and peer relationships and settings such as home, workplace, and social context.




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