An Overview of ADHD child treatment

School aged children of six to twelve years of age are identified with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder - ADHD in large number. Earlier ADHD child treatment approached the dosing system in accordance with the weight of the child.

Conversely now ADHD child treatment imposes that weight based dosing might not be optimal. The initiation of the ADHD child treatment is to recognize the perfect diagnosis by following some of the guidelines of familiar ADHD child treatments. ADHD child treatment targets the best outcome by associating the parents, school personnel, physicians and related persons concerned with the child. Regular monitoring of the ADHD child is also an important factor. Monitoring can be achieved effectively by gathering information from the child, parents and teachers.

AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS released the clinical practice guidelines that are to be followed by the physicians treating ADHD persons. Most of the physicians performing ADHD child treatment follow these guidelines for attaining effective treatment. One of the recommendations followed by during the ADHD child treatment is utilizing stimulant medications and/or behavior therapy. The systematic monitoring leads to identify the side effects. If the first line ADHD child treatment fails in two or more cases for a child then ADHD child treatment considers about the second line treatments. Stimulant medications are not weight dependent. The duration of action of the stimulant medications are available in short, intermediate and long acting forms. For children who are uncomfortable on taking medications in schools can use long acting stimulants that extend up to 9 hours of every dosage.

ADHD child treatment also exhibits some side effects such as headache, stomach upset, learning disabilities, bipolar disorder, etc. studies on the effects of ADHD child treatment also show that the growth rate of children will slightly get affected. ADHD child treatment also involves behavioral treatment, which should be more specific in the ADHD child treatment. Results on ADHD child treatment may vary and so it is important to cooperate with the physicians to attain positive outcome.





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