Different Ways of ADHD child treatments

As a child behavior problem the Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – ADHD is affecting most of the children. Though there exists many ADHD child treatments, psychotherapy is the fundamental step for finding out and providing treatment for any type of emotional or psychological disorders. Nutritional and dietary ADHD child treatments depicts the food culture that best suits for the ADHD child. Egg, sugar, oats, milk, chocolate, corn and wheat are some of the common identified food allergens specified in the ADHD child treatments. Among the ADHD child treatments stimulants constitute the lion’s share. Ritalin is the most common stimulant used for the treatment. Children of six years and above are initiated with small doses and then it is gradually increased.

Stimulants come under the first line ADHD child treatments. Nervousness is the common reaction for the stimulant medication and can be controlled by decreasing the dosage. ADHD child treatments suggest the better-known stimulant Dexedrine as next to the Ritalin. ADHD child treatments prescribes ADHD child from three to five years of age to start Dexedrine with 2.5 mg per day. This dosage can be incremented as per the response observed from the child. When some situation arises where stimulants cannot be used, ADHD child treatments face that situation by implementing the second line ADHD child treatments.

ADHD child treatments include a non-stimulant medication named Strattera. The Food and Drug Administration - FDA approves Strattera as a safer medication. There exists a high risk of abuse and addiction to the medication in the stimulant. So the non-stimulant Strattera will overcome the stimulants in this case. Psychotherapy, behavioral treatments also play a significant role in ADHD child treatments. Prozac, Zoloft and Paxil are extensively prescribed in second line in ADHD child treatments. Since stimulant medication is considered as the most effective medication there requires a deep study on the combination of psychotherapy, behavioral treatments and stimulant medications in order to attain the appropriate treatment.





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