Anti Aging Diet, and its Purpose

Today people are so much worried that they grow older and then they lose the power and beauty. So as aging became a great problem people go for anti aging. Anti aging is nothing but prevention, slowing and reversing of the growth. There are many methods of anti aging and anti aging diet is one among them.

Calorie restriction is the only well-researched; effective means of retarding aging that is available to post-embryonic animals this shows the importance of anti aging diet. It doesn’t mean that you should starve. If you do so then the essential nutrients for the body will not be available. It is not good for the body. So you should follow anti aging diet as recommended by a doctor or a dietician. Instead of eating less periodic fasting can probably produce the same effect in rate of aging as the much more commonly studied kind of calorie restriction.

So this shows that periodic fasting is one of the best anti aging diet. Recent studies shows that rodents fed all they can eat, but fasted every two, three or four days, also have an increase in longevity, this is a good example for the anti aging diet. Still they feel that the increase is not up to the requirement. So they still go for further techniques of anti aging diet. We shall see those techniques in the future.

The most important influences on this aging rate one is the amount of food one eats and the other one is insulin level in the body. A low grain, no sugar eating plan is one of the most effective ways to lower one's insulin level. When it is combined with aerobic exercise, we come to know the exact effect of anti aging diet. Our aim is to increase the heart rate to about 75% of its maximum, maintain for 45 minutes, weekly five times. From the above passages we must be clear about anti aging diet. This also shows that the anti aging diet causes us to live a youthful life that is growing younger.





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