List of asperger syndrome cause

There is no specific asperger syndrome cause. Constant research is on to find the exact asperger syndrome cause, so that the occurrence of this disorder can be prevented. Most researchers feel that a single asperger syndrome cause may not be responsible for the behavioral symptoms of asperger syndrome.

The asperger syndrome cause is being investigated for from the time when asperger syndrome was initially diagnosed. Till date no marked breakthrough has resulted in determining the exact asperger syndrome cause.
Various physical factors which affect brain development can be an asperger syndrome cause. It has been found that emotional deprivation is not a asperger syndrome cause. It has been confirmed beyond doubt that parenting of a child is also not a asperger syndrome cause. Genetics is considered to be another asperger syndrome cause, as most of the parents of the children affected with this disorder have been affected with this disorder in their life. A prenatal infection is also considered to be a asperger syndrome cause.

In early days of discovery of this disorder, a parent being far away from the children was considered a asperger syndrome cause. In addition, in those days a parent being unemotional with their children was also considered a asperger syndrome cause. These activities of the parents were considered a asperger syndrome cause, as it resulted in developmental activities in the child. Just two decades ago, it was found that a brain disfunction is a main asperger syndrome cause. Currently available testing such as blood tests or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans are not effective in finding the exact asperger syndrome cause.




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