Useful Asthma Home Remedies

Asthma home remedies are many which will control asthma triggers while at home. A patient suffering from asthma should take care that the house is cleaner. They should see that the bed sheets are clean and fresh. Dust mites in the rooms may also cause asthma to get severe. Asthma home remedies are essential since it will prevent any severe attack of asthma.

There are many inhalers available that can be used at home when the patient feels that there is some difficulty in breathing. Nebulisers are preferred to inhalers since they can deliver more drugs to the lungs than the conventional drugs. Nebulisers are used in the case of severe attacks. In some cases the patient can use Spacers if they find that using inhalers is awkward. Spacers are also used as asthma home remedies in case of emergency.A patient suffering from asthma should take proper nutrition that enhances their immune system.

Garlic can be taken and it is considered as one of the asthma home remedies. Garlic has a medicinal property to prevent the accumulation mucus in the lungs. Ginger and Mustard are also used as asthma home remedies since they also have the same properties as that of garlic. Dietary supplements are recommended as asthma home remedies. The patient can take vitamin B and vitamin C, which helps in building the immune system and reduces infection in the lungs.Magnesium as the property of dilating the bronchial tubes, which opposes the asthma constriction.

Food items that are rich in magnesium can be taken at home to assist in this. As one of the asthma home remedies food items like Red cabbage, Red bell peppers, Tangerines, Kiwi fruit, Oranges, Strawberries, Potatoes, Spinach, Avocados, Barley, Almonds, Buckwheat, Brazil nuts, Oysters, Chocolate, Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, Amaranth, and Quinoa can be taken which improves the breathing condition. Asthma home remedies also include omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce bronchial swellings. Yoga is also used as one of the asthma home remedies, which improve breathing, and the overall health of the body.





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