About Asthma Remedies, and its benefits

Taking foods rich in magnesium such as red bell peppers, oranges, and strawberries, is one of the best asthma remedies, as magnesium is found to exert direct action on the bronchial tubes enabling airway dilatation and also help stimulate breathing improvement. Taking foods rich in quercetin such as green cabbage, cranberries, and grapes are some asthma remedies which help neutralize the damaging effects of pollution which is a major cause of asthma.

Foods rich in vitamin C such as red cabbage, tangerines, and potatoes is one of the other best asthma remedies, as vitamin C has a positive effect on the functioning of the bronchi and it prevents histamine-induced broncho-constriction and also reduces lung sensitivity to biochemical agents.Taking foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, tuna, and trout, is one of the other asthma remedies, which helps reduce bronchial swelling. Intake of food rich in vitamin B6 such as sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds, bananas, and mangoes are other asthma remedies that is effective in curing wheezing and other asthma symptoms.

Taking cranberries on a daily basis shows better results in curing the symptoms of asthma. Drinking a tea prepared by mixing the root of the licorice herb with a cup of hot water daily provides some relief from the symptoms. Pycnogenol supplements are one of the other asthma remedies which help asthma sufferers breathe more easily and also reduce the level of serum leukotrienes, a substance that promotes asthma symptoms.

Eating plenty of watercress is one of the other common asthma remedies which provide some relief from the symptoms of asthma. Coltsfoot is one of the asthma remedies that have been in use for centuries which stimulate the microscopic hairs that move mucus out of the airways and also suppress the production of a protein involved in triggering bronchospasms. Mullien which helps soothe the throat and stop the muscle spasms that trigger coughs and Stinging nettle, effective in curing respirative ailment are natural asthma remedies.

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