Herbal Remedies for Asthma

Asthma is an inflammatory disorder of airflows and the symptoms for asthma are producing wheezing sound, cough, and extreme difficulty for breathing. Herbal remedies for asthma are helpful to cure it efficiently. They are effective and it is a good old remedy. The herbs used in the herbal remedies for asthma are natural herbs, and the herbs are safe.

Herbal remedies for asthma are with out any side effects. In olden days herbal remedies are the only medicines for any diseases. The herbs commonly used in the herbal remedies for asthma are roman chamomile, and it is a flower, it is boiled and steam of the flower is inhaled. Another herb, eucalyptus is an essential oil, and it is used for inhalation. The leaves and flowers of gum plant are used as the herbal remedies for asthma.

Sage and thyme are herbs, used as an inhalant. In the herbal remedies for asthma the herbs that are highly recommended are coltsfoot, mullein, stinging nettle.Chamomile tea, green tea, mullein oil, nettle, ginger which reduce allergic infection are used in the herbal remedies for asthma. Other Herbal remedies for asthma are Elderberry herb, Hyssop herb and ephedra it helps to relive nasal congestion; it helps to open bronchial passage respectively. Commonly used herbs are lobelia, licorice, and grindelia. In the herbal remedies for asthma the herbs are given in the form of tea, oil, tincture and ointment.

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