Toe Fungus Cure & Prevention Information

Both topical and oral medications are used for toe fungus cure. Topical medications commonly used for toe fungus cure can be easily bought over-the-counter without a prescription. Topical medications help achieve toe fungus cure, only for the early stages of the infections. This is because the topical medications used for toe fungus cure, are not effective in penetrating the nail to reach all of the fungal elements.

The topical medications when used for toe fungus cure, inhibits the growth of the fungus which as a result enables results in faster growth of the nail. As the fungus is always active, the topical medications should be continuously used as directed to achieve effective toe fungus cure. If toe fungus cure is not achieved by the topical medications, oral medications are prescribed. Some of the common oral antifungal medications widely used for toe fungus cure include fulvicin and griseofulvin. These medications have been traditionally used for toe fungus cure. Some of the new oral antifungal medications used for toe fungus cure include sporanox and lamisil.

The oral antifungal medications used for toe fungus cure cause some serious side effects such as liver damage. The oral antifungal medications are very expensive and need to be taken for a long period of time for toe fungus cure. Due to these drawbacks, patients are moving towards natural remedies for toe fungus cure.If the use of both topical medications and oral antifungal medications are not effective in achieving toe fungus cure, then surgery becomes a necessity.

Removing the fungal toe nail permanently through a surgery is one of the other ways used for toe fungus cure. This surgical procedure used for toe fungus cure does not take a long time and patients can return to their daily routine after a day's time. Some of the preventive measures that helps toe fungus cure include keeping the nails clean and trimmed, wearing cotton socks, and keeping the toes out of heat and humidity. Some of the other preventive measures that helps toe fungus cure include avoiding the habit of wearing shoes of other persons, wearing shoes made of natural materials with better ventilation, and wearing shower shoes when using communal showers and bathing facilities.





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