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Quitting the habit of smoking is one of the best bronchitis home remedies, as smoking is considered one of the important causes of bronchitis. Studies have shown that about ninety to ninety five percent of chronic bronchitis is caused due to direct smoking. Staying away from smokers is one of the other bronchitis home remedies, as passive smoking is one of the other major causes of bronchitis.

Drinking about four to six glasses of fluid a day is one of the other home remedies, which makes the mucus more watery and easier to dough up. The fluid can be warm liquids or just plain water but not caffeine or alcoholic beverages as these are diuretics. Breathing in warm, moist air is one of the other bronchitis home remedies, which helps vaporize the mucus.

Steam inhalation is one of the other commonly used bronchitis home remedies that provide better relief from the symptoms. Vitamin C supplements which when used in amounts of 200mg every day for about two weeks help improve the symptoms of bronchitis.

In addition, vitamin C lowers the severity and length of the common cold which can lead to bronchitis. N-acetyl cysteine is one of the other widely used bronchitis home remedies that are found to be a safe supplement for treating chronic bronchitis. N-acetyl cysteine in amounts of 400 to 600 mg per day lowers the number of irritations of the illness. Herbs are one of the other important bronchitis home remedies that are helpful in treating bronchitis effectively.

Plenty of herbs are used for treating bronchitis. Herbs are one of the best bronchitis home remedies which not only treat the underlying infection and relieve swelling but also help relieve other symptoms such as cough. Chinese skullcap, ivy leaf, plantain, and echinacea are some of the herbs that are widely used as bronchitis home remedies. Fenugreek tea, which when taken every few hours helps break up the mucus in the lungs. Sniffing a cotton ball soaked in pine oil and taking a bath with a few drops of the oil in it is one of the other bronchitis home remedies that provides some relief from the symptoms.




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