Some Simple Bronchitis Natural Remedy

A bronchitis natural remedy that needs to be strictly followed by bronchitis sufferers is to completely avoid using dairy products which can increase mucus production and worsen the symptoms. Eucalyptus oil is a bronchitis natural remedy used as an inhaler when the lungs that are inflamed due to bronchial infection.

Another bronchitis natural remedy that effectively breaks up congestion is chicken soup and garlic which has antiviral and antibacterial properties that acts tough on the symptoms of the disease and cayenne pepper which also provides some relief from the symptoms.
A bronchitis natural remedy that is effective in relieving bronchial spasms the famous kitchen herb thyme. Vitamin C supplement is a best bronchitis natural remedy which not only stimulates white blood cells but also enables to overcome the infection quicker.

Another common bronchitis natural remedy that helps loosen the chest congestion is the use of hot compresses in the chest area. Another remedy that boosts the functioning of the immune system functioning and acts tough on the infection causing virus is an herb called Echinacea.The commonly used bronchitis natural remedy is a juice made out of three broccoli florets, a clove of garlic, five carrots, two celery stalks and half of a green pepper.

Vitamin A and C supplement is another bronchitis natural remedy that helps heal the inflammation of the bronchial tubes. A bronchitis natural remedy that is effective in strengthening the immune system is a juice prepared using antioxidant nutrients such as beta-carotene and vitamin C. A vegetable oil or massage oil massage on the chest and is effective in breaking up the congestion in the lungs.




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