Some Common Causes of Bronchitis

Viruses such as coronarvirus, adenovirus, or a rhinovirus, that attack the lining of the bronchial tree is one of the major causes of bronchitis. Swelling occurs and more mucus is produced when the body tries to fight back the infection causing virus. Bacteria and fungus are considered to be one of the other causes of bronchitis, but newer research shows that bacterial and fungal infection are much less common in bronchitis.

Smoking is one of the major causes of bronchitis, as the smoke that enters the bronchial tubes damage the tiny hair within the cells of the bronchial lining tissues. A weakened immune system is considered to be one of the other causes of bronchitis, as most elderly people are affected due to this medical condition. Exposure to industrial dusts and fumes in the workplace, such as coal miners, grain handlers, and metal molders is one of the other major causes of bronchitis.

People who are exposed to such dusts and fumes are at high risk of developing this condition. Air pollution is considered one of the other major causes of bronchitis, as the symptoms of bronchitis worsen when there is an increase in the level of atmospheric concentrations of sulfur dioxide and other air pollutants.An infection such as a cold or flu is considered one of the other causes of bronchitis, as the condition worsens and leads to acute bronchitis if cold or flu is not treated properly in time.

Respiratory problems are one of the other causes, as it could lead to bronchitis if left untreated. Cold weather is considered to be one of the other causes of bronchitis, as it could aggravate the common cold or other respiratory problems to bronchitis. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), Inhaling aspirating food, vomit, or mucous material accidentally is considered to be some of the causes of bronchitis.




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