About Chronic Bronchitis Treatment

Till date, no specific chronic bronchitis treatment is available for effective cure of the symptoms. The goal of any treatment is to relieve symptoms and prevent complications. Some preventive measures that need to be taken during the course of a chronic bronchitis treatment include avoiding smoking to prevent worsening of the symptoms and avoiding respiratory irritants.

Medications and antibiotics are used as part of a chronic bronchitis treatment, dilate the airways and decrease inflammation. This as a result helps reduce symptoms, such as wheezing. Corticosteroids are used as part of chronic bronchitis treatment rarely during flare-ups of wheezing. In addition, corticosteroids are used when individuals suffering due to severe bronchitis do not respond to other conventional treatments.

Physical exercise programs and breathing exercises are being deployed as part of chronic bronchitis treatment to cure the symptoms effectively. Patient education programs are also carried out, which provides a better knowledge of the condition for the patient. Oxygen therapy is used as part of chronic bronchitis treatment in severe cases.Lung transplantation is performed as part of chronic bronchitis treatment in very severe cases, to save the patient.

Bronchodilator drugs used as part of a chronic bronchitis treatment helps relax and open up air passages in the lungs. The drugs can be inhaled as aerosol sprays or taken as pills. Inhaled corticosteroids are also used instead of the other drugs in some cases. Eliminating sources of irritation and infection in the nose, throat, mouth, sinuses, and bronchial tubes is an important measure that needs to be taken during the course of a chronic bronchitis treatment.




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