Useful Home Remedies for Bronchitis

One of the other widely followed home remedies for bronchitis is drinking plenty of fluids which helps loosen the mucus and in turn get rid of it. One of the other simple home remedies for bronchitis that helps vaporize the mucus is breathing in warm, moist air.

Avoiding smoking is one of the important home remedies for bronchitis, as direct smoking can disturb the lining of the bronchial tubes and avoiding being near to smoking individuals helps to get rid of the symptoms. Damage caused by passive smoking is nearly equal to active smoking and so is considered one of the major causes of bronchitis.N-acetyl cysteine is one of the other widely used natural home remedies for bronchitis, which is a safe supplement for treating chronic bronchitis. The number of irritations caused by the bronchial infection is greatly reduced when N-acetyl cysteine is taken in amounts ranging from 400 to 600 mg per day.

Steam inhalation is considered to be effective in curing the symptoms. One of the other natural home remedies for bronchitis used in elderly patients is vitamin C supplements which improve the symptoms of bronchitis and also the immune system. Herbs that are effective in treating the symptoms without causing any side effects are other widely used home remedies for bronchitis.The reason why herbs are considered one of the important home remedies for bronchitis is that they are effective in treating the underlying infection, relieve swelling, and also provide relief from most of the symptoms of the infection.

A tea prepared from the herb fenugreek is one of the other important home remedies for bronchitis that is effective in breaking up the mucus in the lungs. One of the other commonly used home remedies for bronchitis is sniffing a cotton ball soaked in pine oil and taking a bath with a few drops of the oil in it. Chinese skullcap and ivy leaves, plantain and Echinacea are some of the important herbs commonly used as home remedies for bronchitis.




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