About Preventing Bronchitis

An important measure to be taken for preventing bronchitis is to avoid smoking which damages the inner lining of the bronchial tubes. One of the other measures to be taken for preventing bronchitis is to avoid being near smokers. This is because when the smoke enters the body, it reduces the ability of the body to fight against the infection causing bacteria and viruses.

One of the other measures is avoiding air pollution and other chemical irritants. If the patient is in a highly polluted area, then the patient needs to remain indoors with the doors and windows closed. For preventing bronchitis in individuals working around irritants such as dust, a specially designed face mask can be worn by them to avoid direct contact with the irritants. One of the other measures that help in preventing bronchitis is avoiding the use of wood-burning stoves in the winter season.

Situations that could trigger an allergic reaction should be avoided by individuals suffering due to allergies for certain substances for preventing bronchitis. One of the other measures that need to be followed is to avoid contact with individuals who have an upper respiratory tract infection, such as a cold. Vaccines for diseases such as flu and pneumonia can be taken every year and taking enough rest and drinking plenty of water a day will help in preventing bronchitis.

Plenty of naturally occurring substances and herbs are widely used for preventing bronchitis. Some of the popular herbs that are useful include aniseed, blood root, and borage. One of the other substances that aids in preventing bronchitis is an amino acid called cysteine when liquefies the mucous caused by bronchitis and also suppresses the infection causing bacteria. Berberine is an alkaloid which suppresses the chlamydia pneumoniae bacteria which causes bronchitis. One of the other substances that contribute in preventing bronchitis by reducing the quantity of mucous produced due to bronchitis is an enzyme called bromelain.




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