About Treating Bronchitis

Medications used for treating bronchitis are effective in curing the symptoms such as cough and also helps loosen and clear secretions. A physician prescribes strong cough suppressants, when the patient suffers due to severe coughing spells that is uncontrollable. Bronchodilator inhalers are a type of medication widely used that help open airways and decrease wheezing.

Antibiotics are used for treating bronchitis only if the infection is a bacterial infection. In addition, antibiotics are used for treating bronchitis in patients suffering due to chronic lung problems. Some of the prescription medications do cause harmful side effects.Vitamin C supplements used for treating bronchitis help improve the symptoms of bronchitis in a few days time.
In addition, the vitamin C supplements are effective in lowering the severity and length of the common cold which could lead to bronchitis.

N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) is one of the natural medicines used for treating bronchitis that helps lower the number of irritations caused by bronchitis. Herbs are widely used, as they treat the underlying infection, relieve swelling, and also relieve other symptoms such as cough. Plenty of herbs are available for treating bronchitis effectively and safely. Chinese skullcap and ivy leaves are some of the commonly used herbs.Plantain having anti-inflammatory properties is one of the commonly used herbs for treating bronchitis.

Echinacea is one of the other herbs widely used for treating bronchitis that fights the infection by stimulating the immune system. Drinking plenty of fluids is one of the measures that need to be followed, as fever caused due to the infection makes the body to lose fluid faster. The use of a cool mist vaporizer or humidifier is one of the other measures that need to be followed, which helps decrease bronchial irritation. Taking a tea prepared using herbs such as mullein, coltsfoot, and anise seed is one of the herbal remedies widely used for treating bronchitis.




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