Alternative Cancer Therapies - An Overview

Conventional therapies use modern medicines that may cause harmful side effects. Hence people go for alternative cancer therapies as they have no side effects and they work against all forms of cancers. The most common of the alternative cancer therapies are the herbal therapies and the immunology therapies.

The herbal therapies use the herbs in the treatment of cancer. Essiac tea is a medication that is used and it is found that essiac tea has anti-cancer properties and hence it is used in alternative cancer therapies. Echinacea is an herb that also has anti-cancer properties.Immunology therapies are also a form of alternative cancer therapies. The medicines that are used in such therapies improve the immune system of our body and make our body to fight against the cancerous growth.

Echinacea is such a medicinal herb that is used in such alternative cancer therapies. There are other medications that are used in alternative cancer therapies such as Beta glucan, products like Cancell, and Cesium.It is found that Beta glucan can fight against any form of cancer and hence it is used in alternative cancer therapies. Beta glucan is derived from the baker’s yeast, oat and barley fiber, and many mushrooms, like maitake.

This improves the immune system of our body. This medicine used in alternative cancer therapies is available in the form of pills upto a size of 500 mg. This choice of the dosage to be used by the cancer patients undergoing alternative cancer therapies should be decided based upon the condition of the body of the patient.





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