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It is no wonder that most of the people go for conventional medications and drugs for any disease. Some of the types of cancer are not treated effectively using the conventional cancer treatment. In such cases people are trying out the alternative cancer treatments.

It is found that alternative cancer treatments and therapies are more effective than the conventional treatments for cancer. The treatments involve the alternative cancer medications such as 714-X, Beta Glucan, Cancell, Cantron, Cesium Chloride, Ellagic Acid, Emulsified vitamin A, Essiac tea, Hydrazine Sulfate, Laetrile, MGN-3, Paw, and Protocel.Laetrile is an alternative cancer medication that is tried out to cure cancer. It works on all types of cancer.

The alternative cancer medication laetrile is given 6 grams per day intravenous for effective treatment. Laetrile has cyanide within it. This cyanide is released only by the beta-glucosidase found in the cancer cells. This medication also releases benzaldehyde which when combined with cyanide forms a deadly environment for the cancer cells. Thus this alternative cancer medication fights against cancer. Emulsified vitamin A is given as supplement for treating a person with laetrile.

The immune system in our body produces white blood cells of different types. One of the types of the blood cells is called the natural killer cells. These cells are responsible to kill the cancer cells that are found in our body. There is an alternative cancer medication that induces the production of such natural killer cells in our body and thus makes the immune system to fight against the cancer cells. This alternative cancer medicine is called MGN-3. There are no side effects on using this alternative cancer medicine.





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