Some Common Alternative Therapy for Cancer

Alternative therapy for cancer is the preferred form of treatment for cancer due to its advantages. This therapy can be chosen by the patient according to the condition of their body and can consult a doctor on that treatment. Alternative therapy for cancer mostly uses herbal and natural medicines for treating cancer.

Nutrition is also planned according to the type of cancer the person is suffering from. It is found the vegetables like tomatoes have anti-cancer properties. Hazel nuts and Brazil nuts have anti-cancer properties. Selenium that is present in Brazil nuts has anti-cancer properties and hence finds its place in the alternative therapy for cancer. Regular intake of vitamins and minerals in the required quantity is preferred during alternative therapy for cancer. The immune system is boosted by herbs like Echinacea Angustifolia root.

Essiac Tea which has anti-cancer properties is also taken during the alternative therapy for cancer. Beta glucan is a medication that is prepared from oats, baker’s yeast, barley fiber and medicinal mushrooms like maitake. Beta glucan also boosts the immune system of our body to make our body fight cancer naturally. The amount of beta glucan taken in an alternative therapy for cancer depends on the health condition of the patient although it is availale in the pill form upto sizes of 500 mg.

Cesium a naturally found alkali metal used in the alternative therapy for cancer. The salt form of the alkali metal called cesium chloride contains cesium. This is marketed in the form of pills. Usage of cesium as an alternative therapy for cancer depletes the potassium content in our body. Hence a supplement of potassium is prescribed while taking cesium as an alternative therapy for cancer. You may note down that one banana supplies 500 mg of potassium.





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