Simple Natural Cancer Cure

Cancer is an overgrowth of unwanted cells in our body. This overgrowth of cells in due course would produce toxic substances that may affect the normal functioning of our other body organs. Hence a cure for cancer has become essential.

Natural cancer cure is the best way to treat cancer since it may not have any side effects as found in the conventional therapies. Natural cancer cure can be done using the available natural resources that may fight against any type of cancer. During natural cancer cure dietary restrictions have to be followed which will make the process a breeze.Nutrition is important during the natural cancer cure. Selenium has very good anti-cancer properties.

Hence food items that have high selenium content can be taken daily as a part of natural cancer cure. Brazil nuts are found to have very high selenium. Hence brazil nuts can be taken daily. It is also found that tomatoes have anti-cancer properties, hence it is useful to eat lots of tomatoes for natural cancer cure. Vitamins and minerals are necessary for proper growth of cells. Hence vitamins and minerals are to be taken in proper proportions. A doctor should be consulted before taking up the vitamins and minerals and to find out the dosages.

Emulsified vitamin A is found to fight against all forms of cancer. It is found in the yellow of an egg. During the natural cancer cure vitamin A should be given proper dosages. Over dosages of the vitamin A would result in some side effects like headaches, blurred vision, dry lips, scaly dry skins, and excessive hair loss. Essiac Herbal Tea is more useful in treating all types of cancer. Hence it finds it’s used in natural cancer cure.





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