Some Common Natural Cancer Therapies

There are different types of natural cancer therapies available for treating cancer. This is preferred to the other forms of conventional medications and therapies since it is believed that it have no harmful side effects during and after the treatment of cancer.

Natural cancer therapies can be of types such as herbal therapies, immunology therapies, mind-body therapies and metabolic therapies. Of these natural cancer therapies we will be focus on the herbal therapies and the immunology therapies since these are most widely practiced form of natural cancer therapies.The herbal therapy which is one of the natural cancer therapies uses different herbs to treat cancer.

There are herbs with anti-cancer properties. Herbs like Essiac are used in the treatment of cancer. Essiac herbal tea is mostly used in natural cancer therapies and has anti-cancer properties. Blue berries, Brazil nuts and tomatoes have very good anti-cancer properties. Hence these are also used in natural cancer therapies.The immunology therapy which is one of the natural cancer therapies works on the belief that cancer cells are produced due to weakened immune system in our body.

Hence natural cancer therapies using this belief build up the immune system in our body so that the immune system itself fights against the cancer cells. Echinacea is an herb that is found to boost our immune system. Hence this herb is used in the natural cancer therapies. MGN-3 is a product that boosts the immune system of our body and produces more natural killer cells that kills the cancer cells in our body.





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