Useful Natural Cancer Treatments

Cancer is an overgrowth of unwanted cells in our body. Some of these cells are multiple drug resistant cells. Some of the conventional medicines are not effective against these multiple drug resistant cells. Natural cancer treatments involve treating these multiple drug resistant cells.

Conventional treatments on the contrary destroy the ordinary cells and not the multiple drug resistant cells. Once these multiple drug resistant cells start to multiply the tumors are formed of such cells only. Hence the conventional treatment fails. So, natural cancer treatments come into picture in such cases. Natural cancer treatments are more effective in tumors that contain only multiple drug resistant cells.

A proper diet during the natural cancer treatments would help a lot in curing cancer. Cancer cells require nearly 8 times the glucose that is required by the normal cells. Hence cells require more glucose. So it is better to avoid high levels of glucose in your blood during natural cancer treatments. We should eat more greens and fats and partially hydrogenated oils should be avoided in the foods during natural cancer treatments.

Natural cancer treatments are done using medicines like Beta Glucan, Paw paw, Emulsified Vitamin A, Ellagic Acid, and Essiac Tea. Beta glucan improves the immune system of our body and hence used in natural cancer treatments. Some of the patient’s body may not be able to effective deal with cancer due to weak immune system. In such cases the patient is given beta glucan as a part of the natural cancer treatments to support the immune system. Beta glucan can be used as a supplement to support the fight against any type of cancer.





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