Natural and Allopathic Candida Medication

Candida is the name given to the yeast / fungal infection caused by the candida albicans organism. Excess growth of candida albicans is called the yeast or fungal infection. Candida medication is available for all types of candida infection. Candida can be oral or vaginal and in babies it can be in the form of nappy rash. Candida medication are available for both the oral and vaginal infections. Candida medication that are available for vaginal infections can be in the form of creams or vaginal inserts. If vaginal inserts are used as a candida medication, then they should be inserted during the nights every day until the infection gets cleared.

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Oral infections due to candida is caused mostly in babies. These oral infections can be transmitted from the nursing mothers breast to the babies mouth. Candida medication for oral infections is Nystatin. Nystatin is a sweet yellow sticky candida medication that is given for the babies. If the babies are infected with oral candida they may find it difficult to feed on the milk. Clotrimazle or miconazole is given for the nursing mother as a candida medication.

Apart from the vaginal infections in women, even men are affected by candida. In case of men, their foreskin of the penis and the head of the penis may be infected. This is not considered as a sexually trasmitted disease (STD). Candida medication for such infections are also available for men. Anti-fungal tablets are also available as a part of the candida medication. These tablets that are used as candida medication can be got prescribed by a dermatologist or a medical practitioner. Candida medication that are used as home remedies include boric acid or borax, Tea Tree oil or Oregon grape root mixed with warm water, and potassium sorbate. A person undergoing candida medication is advised to follow a proper diet which includes lots of vegetable, moderate fat, moderate amount of protein to assist in the cure for yeast infection.





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