Various Candida Remedies

Lots of candida remedies are there to cure yeast or fungus called candida. Candida remedies to cure yeast are homeopathic, home remedies, natural herbal remedies and so on. Basically candida is the yeast affects the digestive parts of the system. Some herbs used in natural herbal candida remedies are lemon grass is used to treat intestinal infection, it inhibit the growth of candida. Calendula officinalis, herb it is also used in candida remedies. It helps to remove toxics from our body and stimulate cell regeneration. Tabebuia impetiginosa herbs contain napthaquinones it has anti fugal properties it is also used in candida remedies.

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Some of basic candida remedies are first you have to avoid eating the food, fruits which contain sugar because sugar will help to grow the yeast or fungus called candida. In candida remedies they should avoid sugar, mushroom, cheese, grapes. Candida affect the mouth, intestine, genital tract ant throat it spread allover the body through bloodstream. Important one in candida remedies is that to avoid drinking alcohol. A home candida remedies is by using grapefruit seed extract. It is an antibiotic helps to cure the candida. It has no side effects.

Some other candida remedies by using garlic juice is added to the yoghurt, it is soaked in tampon in it and used douche twice a day it is very effective to treat immune system and it will improve blood circulation. Acidophilus is also used as a candida remedies to cure fungus. In Candida remedies by eating lots fiber related foods helps to improve digestive system,Papaya is best natural product for candida remedies. It is slow crop, and it has no side effects. Papaya is a natural digestive agent it helps to food digestion. Another thing in candida remedies is to intake of lots of water it helps in easy digestion it will remove toxins, and helps to have tired less and comfortable life





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