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Many remedy are found to cure fungus or yeast called candida. Candida is a microorganism it will affect human beings to form a yeast infection. Candida albicans will affect by over consumption of sugar. Those who affect by Candida, remedy is given by following treatments like homeopathic,Home remedy, herbal remedy and so on. Some of the homeopathic candida remedy are as follows candida remedy is usually given according to their symptoms, medicines used in homeopathic candida remedy are borax, sulphur, calcare carbonica, kreosotum, naturm muriaticum, sepia so on. Dosage for homeopathic candida remedy is selected according to your symptoms usually it is given one dose if improvement is seen it then continued otherwise go for another remedy.

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Some of the natural products used for candida remedy are garlic, biotin, essential oil, and lemongrass. All the above products are used for those who are affected by the yeast candida. Garlic juice is very effective candida remedy. Some of the important candida remedy is not eating the fruits or dry fruits that contain sugar. Avoid milk, alcohol. Another candida remedy is intake of fiber products it will help to cure the yeast infection. Best natural candida remedy is to drinking sufficient amount of water it helps to remove all the toxic present the human body.

In candida remedy some of drug therapy used to cure candida. Such as antibiotic cure certain type of candida, anti fungal medicines also cure candida, creams also available. Make sure that every thing is given by doctor’s prescription. Some of other candida remedy is by using vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium are anti-inflammatory. Essential fatty acids are anti-inflammatory, omega6, Omega 3, are used as candida remedy. Avoiding fats in your food and eating lots of fish and nuts are best candida remedy. Using Calcium, magnesium, and caprylic acid in your daily food habit is also good candida remedy.





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