Candidiasis Treatment Information

The candidiasis treatment is treated based on the medical exam, physical exam, laboratory tests, even including blood tests, wound tests and so on if necessary biopsy is also done for candidiasis treatment. Candidiasis treatment can be at home or OTC treatment or prescribed treatment. Most probably anti fungal drugs are given for candidasis treatment. Some of anti fungal drugs prescribed are clotrimazole, miconazole, and tioconazole. Amphotericine B is used for HIV patients also. For vaginal candidiasis treatment mild oral drug like fluconazole is given rather than creams etc.

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In candidiasis treatment some of the prevention taken, keep the skin dry and clean with out having any cuts or wounds. This prevention will make you free from candida infection. There is herbal candidiasis treatment is there for candida. Herbal treatment is also very effective even thought it take few months to cure. Commonly used herbs for candidiasis treatment are cat’s claw it act as an antioxidant, it contains health-promoting ingredients. Olive leaf extract is very good in treating the candida the main active ingredient is oleuropein, olive leaf oil is against harmful bacteria’s and viruses. Raw Garlic helps is a very good herbal medicine for candidiasis treatment it act as an anti oxidant, anti-inflammatory. You can see relief if it is taken in raw, if boiled or cooked some changes occur in active ingredients. None of other herbs are as good as garlic. It is used more frequently in candidiasis treatment.

Another important and carefully one in candidiasis treatment is diet. Which play as important roll that is you should take care of your diet even though you take many medicines for candida. In candidiasis treatment your diet should contain nutritious food and avoid eating all the sugar content foods fruits, mainly avoid eating junk foods it contain only empty calories. In candidasis treatment if you follow the diet correctly it will cure you most of the candida infection. If you drink at least 1 liter of water daily it will remove all the toxic in your body and also flush out the unwanted yeasts. It is also included in the candidasis treatment. Above said are the basic home candidasis treatments.





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