Best Cure for Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are caused by an inflammation or swelling of the gum tissues. Untreated gum disease can cause gingivitis and periodontal disease, which may lead to tooth loss and oral damage.

Gum disease affects the tissues that surround and support the teeth. Bacteria affect the gum, which can turn into tartar and plaque buildup, irritate your gums and lead to bleeding and receding gums. Top quality oral hygiene cures bleeding gums. OraMD™ is an all-natural dental care product made from the essential oils of almond, spearmint, and peppermint that provide superior oral hygiene. OraMD™ offers a long-term solution for bleeding gums by cleaning the mouth and killing the bacterium that causes plaque, thus preventing the problem before it starts.

Try all-natural OraMD™ with confidence. To reverse this trend and keep it from occurring, the following tips for treatment are followed, it will promote healthier gums and teeth. Green tea is the best beverage to fight bad breath and improve gum health. Try to consume organic fruits. Vitamin-C intake also prevents bleeding gums. Rinse mouth with 3-4 drops of Oregano Oil Rx in 6 ounces of water every day.

Brushing teeth is such a routine that very few people think about it. The teeth are not getting brushed properly. All-natural, fluoride-free toothpaste should be used for brushing. While brushing your teeth along the gum line, angle your toothbrush at a 45-degree so it is up against your teeth and gums. Then jiggle the toothbrush back and forth in small, round strokes. The correct motion is more like massaging along the gums line than brushing.

Adding 2 -3 drops of tea-tree oil to the toothpaste for brushing provides good teeth. You will have a longer fresh-breath feeling afterwards. Flossing daily is the best way to stop plaque from forming between teeth. When flossing is done on a daily basis as advised, bleeding will become less & less and soon gone. Flossing & scaling can reach and clean under the gum line effectively.




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Take action now to get REAL control over FAMILY'S oral health. Keep or Restore Your Teeth & Gums Back to Health - For Life!




Take action now to get REAL control over FAMILY'S oral health. Keep or Restore Your Teeth & Gums Back to Health - For Life!

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