Useful home remedies for tooth pain

Toothpastes with whiteners are harsher and more abrasive. Desensitizing the toothpaste such as Sensodyne or Dengue, which contain ingredients that help block up the tubules. Bad brushing causes hypersensitivity, it can undo all nature's repair work.

Instead, brush with a gentle up-and-down motion. Be extra careful near the gum line, where most sensitivity occurs. Switch to a soft-bristle brush. Because hard brushes can scrape and strip away enamel and cause gums to recede, especially for someone using excessive pressure when he brushes. Softer bristles are less likely to irritate sensitive teeth and will not expose underlying tubules. Avoid extremes of hot and cold. Naturally, if you have a sensitive tooth, you guard it from any stimulus.

Serve hot or cold foods at temperatures close to room temperature, and try to avoid biting into foods of different temperature extremes at the same sitting. A few drops of an over-the-counter preparation containing eugenol provide exceptional relief for all pulp-related pain. A saltwater rinse is fine for a regular toothache, but in the case of hypersensitivity, it will just cause a movement of the fluids within the tubules, which will stimulate more pain. Don't eat acidic foods or sweets.

Lemons, tomatoes and other foods with high acid content can eat away at your tooth enamel and hinder your tooth's natural healing process. Eating sweets causes a flare-up of pain. Since coffee, tea and cola--some of our most consumed beverages--cause most of the staining in our diets, caffeine consumers can offset some of the discoloration by swishing water after each cup or glass.

"Ideally, you can prevent many stains from forming by brushing after each meal or snack” But since most people don't do that, I advise my patients to take a cup of water and swish it around after they drink coffee or another staining beverage. Besides diminishing the initial film stain of coffee, it also helps keep their breath relatively fresh. “Eat a lot of crunchy foods. "Consuming apples, celery and other crunchy foods that rub against the teeth helps dislodge debris that can cause staining.




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Take action now to get REAL control over FAMILY'S oral health. Keep or Restore Your Teeth & Gums Back to Health - For Life!




Take action now to get REAL control over FAMILY'S oral health. Keep or Restore Your Teeth & Gums Back to Health - For Life!

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