Receding Gums Care - An Overview

Periodontal diseases are characterized by receding gums. Some of the other symptoms of periodontal disease are bleeding gums, red, swollen, and sore gums, tooth pain, or sensitivity of the tooth.

Bad breath is also an indication of periodontal disease. If these warning signs are neglected they may even lead to heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and other respiratory disease. Sometimes these may also lead to premature or underweight babies. Hence you should not avoid the symptoms and try to restrict the spreading of the periodontal disease. Stopping the progression of the disease is better than to find a cure or remedy after it is full blown.

Only if you understand the consequences you would try to even stop that. In most of the cases of receding gum disease it is unnoticed since it does not cause any pain. If left unattended the bacteria that are found in the gums would destroy the mucous membranes and the tissue of the gums in the mouth. This might lead to receding gums. There are many natural products for dental care. One such product is Oral MD. This product is made up of peppermint, spearmint and alarm plantain leaves.

A popular oriental medicine that is made up of roasted egg plant and salt is used for treating toothaches and receding gums. This mixture is used to kill the bacteria that are found in the gums. It also kills the other toxins that are found in the gums and the plaque. Once these bacteria are destroyed the body knows that the gums are damaged and it will recreate the cells in that area and in due course it will be solved.

Oral MD is one of the long term solutions that are available for treating receding gums and plaque. This medication fights against 22 types of bacteria known. If after using such products to cure receding gums, the tooth is sensitive you can go for fillings such as amalgam or gold. Nutritional supplements like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin B complex and vitamin C are prescribed for preventing decay of the tooth and the gums.




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Take action now to get REAL control over FAMILY'S oral health. Keep or Restore Your Teeth & Gums Back to Health - For Life!




Take action now to get REAL control over FAMILY'S oral health. Keep or Restore Your Teeth & Gums Back to Health - For Life!

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