An Overview to Child Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety disorders are the most commonly found primary mental health problem among the children today. There exist several treatment types that fall under the child anxiety treatment. The primary step before following any of the child anxiety treatment is to identify the type of the anxiety disorder. Generalized anxiety disorder, Acute stress disorder, Drug-induced anxiety disorder, Panic disorder are some types of anxiety disorders.

Psychological treatments, Psychopharmacological treatments and Environmental treatments are the treatments that fall under the child anxiety treatment. Reports says that the majority of the young people having the anxiety disorders doesn’t undergoing child anxiety treatment. Parents and public should understand that children could be ill with these anxiety disorders but in the mean time there exist successful child anxiety treatment.First we discuss about a child anxiety treatment called as psychological treatment.

This psychological treatment is not only feel right for child anxiety treatment but also it fit well for other disorders related to mental health such ADD/ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder.Cognitive-Behavioral therapy that focuses on the underlying thoughts and techniques that reduce the unwanted behavioral patterns is basically used for the child anxiety treatment. Similarly psychotherapy and behavioral therapy are used in child anxiety treatment. The above depicted psychotherapy, behavioral therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy are grouped under the psychological treatments.

Child anxiety treatment includes Benzodiazepines that are considered as the best to reduce the symptoms of the anxiety disorder quickly. Zoloft, Luvox, Paxil and Prozac are Serotonergic Agents that takes one to two months for full response and used for child anxiety treatment. Other child anxiety treatment that comes under psychopharmacological treatments is the older medication Antihistamines. It is like the benzodiazepines, which works quickly. Child anxiety treatment also comprises of some of the environmental treatments. It includes the avoidance of excess usage of stimulants and reduction of stressors.





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