Various childhood anxiety disorder

Childhood anxiety disorder is one of the most common mental, emotional, and behavioral problems that commonly occur in both children and adolescents. The childhood anxiety disorder usually affects more girls than boys. Depression usually accompanies the childhood anxiety disorder in most of the children and adolescents.

Early diagnosis and timely treatment of the childhood anxiety disorder can prevent the occurrence of a major depression which could strike when the child becomes a teenager. The basic temperament of young children is considered to play a role in the occurrence of a childhood anxiety disorder. An excessive amount of anxiety in a child is a warning sign for the development of childhood anxiety disorder in that child at a later period in life. Children having parents with anxiety disorders have a higher chance of developing a childhood anxiety disorder.

The symptoms that are found in a child are specific to the type of childhood anxiety disorder diagnosed. Generalized anxiety disorder is a type of childhood anxiety disorder that makes children engage in extreme, unrealistic worry about everyday life activities. In addition, this childhood anxiety disorder can make the children worry unduly about their academic performance, sporting activities, or even about being on time.

Separation anxiety disorder is another type of childhood anxiety disorder that makes children difficult in leaving their parents to attend school or camp, stay at a friend's house, or be alone. This type of childhood anxiety disorder is usually accompanied by depression, sadness, withdrawal, or fear that a family member might die. Phobia is another type of childhood anxiety disorder that makes children have unrealistic and excessive fears of certain situations or objects. Panic disorder is another type of childhood anxiety disorder that results in repeated panic attacks in children without an apparent cause.





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