Ways to Tackle Childhood Anxiety

A young child feeling anxious when confronted with new people or a new situation is one of the common symptoms of childhood anxiety disorder. In such situations, the child suffering due to childhood anxiety clings to a parent or someone with whom they are familiar due to shyness. To help those children get out of childhood anxiety, parents can gently encourage them to venture the outside world in order to have new experiences.

But most children with childhood anxiety disorder do not readily accept and will tearfully resist anything which they perceive as fearful. A considerable amount of patience and time is needed to help the child with childhood anxiety to feel confident in tackling issues that they find difficult initially.
In some cases, the insecurities of the child suffering due to childhood anxiety may not be known to the parent till the day the child needs to stay out for the first time, may be a school. In this case, the parent can meet the teacher and work out a strategy that is helpful for the child suffering due to childhood anxiety in all ways.

The fear of the unknown is one of the major causes of childhood anxiety in the young ones. The children suffering due to childhood anxiety has comparatively little control over things which affect them. As a result, it is a combination of a fear of the unknown and a lack of control along with a shy or sensitive nature which causes childhood anxiety.Parents can maintain good communication, spend time talking with their child about their day, and not trivialise a child's fears or concerns to eliminate childhood anxiety. Measures such as being emotionally supportive without giving in, nurturing a sense of trust between them and their children, and guiding them rather than controlling can help parents eliminate childhood anxiety.

Assisting the children to develop their own problem-solving skills, teaching strategies for handling disappointment, and helping the children develop their own form of positive coping strategies are some of the other measures that help eliminate childhood anxiety. In addition, teaching the children to take responsibility for their actions, allowing the children to have input into decisions which affect them, and being consistent with discipline are some other measures that help eliminate childhood anxiety.





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