Reasons for childhood shyness

The signs of childhood shyness take various forms at different ages. Fear of separation is one of the common signs of childhood shyness. Fear of new situations is one of the other common signs of childhood shyness. Inhibition in social situations is one of the other common signs of childhood shyness. To relieve a child out of childhood shyness, usually parents and teachers involve the child in varied activities so that they don’t miss out on social or developmental activities.

The signs of childhood shyness should be taken note of seriously and should be eliminated as soon as possible, else childhood shyness will change the way of life of the child. Research shows that childhood shyness can make a child have a more negative self-perception and increased health problems due to the lack of social support network. There are various techniques that parents could effectively use to help eliminate childhood shyness. Curbing judgmental comments is one of the techniques used to eliminate childhood shyness, as the child is already afraid of being judged and being evaluated negatively.

Avoiding to be overly protective is one of the other techniques used to eliminate childhood shyness, as this can reinforce the shy behavior of the child by lowering his or her expectations. Anticipating the situations in which the child is likely to exhibit shyness and setting a reasonable goal for the child is one of the other techniques used to eliminate childhood shyness.Expecting gradual improvement and not pushing the child too hard is one of the other techniques which could help eliminate childhood shyness.

When childhood shyness reaches the point where anxieties and fears are overwhelming, persistent, and interfere with everyday life, there is a greater chance of the child getting an anxiety disorder. Parental style is considered one of the important causes of childhood shyness. The authoritarian behavior of parents, that is being over controlling and critical without sufficient reason during the early years of a child's life is considered to be a cause of childhood shyness. Parents having a tendency to give the tokens of love such as smiles, hugs, approval, and attention only if earned by the child, are considered one of the other causes of childhood shyness.





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