About Autism in Infants

Autism in infants can be found out by watching for some indicators. If an infant does not babble, point or make any gestures when they are one year old, it is a possible indicator of autism in infants. Autism in infants can also be identified if a child does not respond to a call of their names and if they speak only one word by 16 months.

Poor eye contact with others and not smiling are some signs of autism in infants. Such infants play with a single toy most of the time and they don’t respond to any calls.Autism in infants makes them to prefer to be alone most of the time and they don’t socialize. They don’t accept hugs and cuddling actively. If a parent is angry with the child or happy with the child, both are same for them. They seem to be not attached to their families.

Autism in infants makes them cry all of a sudden for not reason and to control their emotions. Such children even cry in a public place for no reason.Losing control over their emotions is a characteristic of autism in infants. Parents have to educate such children so that they socialize and able to communicate their problem properly.Autism in infants affects the children in such a way that they even break the objects around them, attack others and even hurt them.

Rocking is a habit for children with autism. They bang their heads, pull their hairs and even bite their arms. Autism in infants can be identified by these characteristics and treatment or therapies can be started at an early stage so that they can be brought normal. Educational therapies are started at an early stage to cure autism in infants. The child is educated to overcome the disorder that she is facing and to be social. Early communication and social interaction skills are taught for such child.





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