About Autistic Children

Autistic children are identified with an explicit developmental delay factors not for the physical disorders but for the sensing and expression features. Autistic children shows symptoms that include such as speech difficulties, lack of eye contact, lack of concentration, isolation and no fear of danger. Autistic children act and sound like much younger children.

What causes autism specifically is not known. Some experts believe there are bio-chemical reasons for autism; others suspect that it is a psychiatric disorder. The behavioral syndrome of Autistic children includes abnormalities of language and thinking skills. Some children show repetitive behavior such as rocking the body. Other behavioral syndromes of Autistic children are abnormal responses to sensations, people, crowded events and rarely self-injurious behavior.

For better understanding of the autistic children, it is highly recommended for their own parents to have knowledge on physiological functions of the Digestive System, Immune System, Endocrine System and Hormones, Brain and Nervous system of the autistic children as the parents are most important to bring up them. However children are helpless to understand their illness as they themselves are not mingling with normal children generally. Even in special school, autistic children distinguish or don’t get along due to their disorder.

The autistic children have increased significantly in the last decade. Parents have also been experimenting with alternative routes of administration. Some believe that a combination of the wrong foods and too many antibiotics and environmental toxins can damage the colon and lead to physical and behavioral problems, including autism. Serious studies on autistic children by independent researchers are desperately needed, to look into all aspects of this dreadful disease.





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