An Overview to Child Autism

Lot of studies and researches are undergoing on child autism in the recent years. Some experts believe there are bio-chemical reasons for child autism; others suspect that it is a psychiatric disorder but so far no specific cause is discovered. Even the advanced medical centers, world wide, involved in the task are yet to come out with their experimental results or medicinal recommendations on child autism.

Nevertheless they have been conducting Rat Test module based alternative routes and reached some inconsistent results on autism.Many Nutritional therapists recommend Vitamin B-12 doses for treating child autism. There are no reported cases of B-12 toxicity even at high doses as Vitamin B-12 works better with folic acid, whose deficiency is common among people with bowel disorders and epilepsy. Folic acid deficiency is common in celiac disease that is one of the symptoms of child autism.

Another concept is removing toxins - detoxification is that heavy metals have accumulated in the child and that removal of these heavy metals (and other toxins) will improve from child autism symptoms. Some parents have reported that the effects of detoxification are as dramatic.On the other hand, child autism is treated with Di-Methyl Glycine that is technically classified as a food. It is found, in very small amounts, in some foods, such as brown rice and liver. Chemically and physiologically, it resembles the water-soluble vitamins, such as the B vitamins. The main reason it is not classified, as a vitamin is that there are no specific symptoms associated with a deficiency of Di-Methyl Glycine.

Doctors as well as parents dealing Child Autism have noticed that, within a few days of starting Di-Methyl Glycine, the child's behavior improved remarkably, better eye contact was seen, frustration tolerance increased, the child's speech improved, or more interest and ability in speaking was observed.As such some researchers are approaching the Child Autism with purely disorder in Brain and Nervous system. So they aim to clean up brain ‘debris’. Also strengthen neurons with nutrients to hold the neurons in place and supplementary actions (for proper brain functions) as digest parts of dead neurons and to regulate content of extra-cellular space. Likewise many other methods are in practice for Child Autism but no proven records available for cause as well as cure.





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