Children with Autism

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects children. Children with autism lack developments in many areas. They cannot speak properly and they do not make any eye contact with the persons around them. Such children with autism like to be isolated and they don’t fear for danger. Parents have to deal them carefully and such children find it difficult to communicate properly due to their inability in many quarters.

They use their communication skills only to get what they need and they do not socialize. Children with autism do not try to remember the face of any person and so they don’t recognize anybody.The specific reason for autism is not known. It is believed that autism is created due to some psychological disorder or due to bio-chemical disorders in the body. Abnormalities in language, lack of thinking skills, rocking and abnormal behavior to sensations and environments are the characteristics of children with autism.

Some children tend to injure themselves. Hence parents should be very careful in handling these children. They do not socialize and the language they use is not normal and they tend to express something using signs also. Repetitive or stereotyped language is found in children with autism.Proper nutrition and diet may help in restoring some of the features like speech and recognition.

Vitamin B12 is found to be very useful in children with autism. This vitamin can be injected to children in 1 cc doses. It would be an intramuscular injection. Educational therapies are used to motivate the children with autism to act normally and to socially interact with others. These children lack the motivation to learn new things since they would have faced a lot of failures. Reinforcement, stimulus, and task variation are used to motivate the children with autism. Varying the tasks help in motivating these children.





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