Overview to baby sleep disorder

The immature central nervous system is considered to be a cause of baby sleep disorder such as parasomnias, somnambulism, and enuresis which are very common among newborns and infants. These types of disorders often disappear when the baby grows older.

Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome which can be cured through surgery and behavioral sleep problem which needs the interventions of parents to cure the problem are some baby sleep disorder. Physicians cure the baby sleep disorder using various medications, techniques, and therapies.Night terror is a baby sleep disorder that makes the baby to suddenly sit bolt upright and scream. The baby is inconsolable for up to half hour before relaxing and falling back to sleep, whenever night terror strikes the baby.

This baby sleep disorder appears around three to eight years of age. Stress or fatigue is considered to be a cause of this type of disorder. Parasomnia is a baby sleep disorder which is characterized by abnormal polysomnography. Family history is also considered to be a cause of this type of baby sleep disorder.Sleepwalking whose medical name is somnambulism and sleep talking, medically called somniloguy are some common baby sleep disorder.

Usually both these disorders occur together in a child. The baby sits up in bed with eyes open but does not actually see anything when this baby sleep disorder strikes a baby. This baby sleep disorder induces activity which can be a purposeless restlessness in bed to actual walking through the house. Speech can be mumbled and slurred and rarely intelligible due to this type of baby sleep disorder.





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