Simple Methods for High Cholesterol Prevention

If you have high cholesterol, your doctor may prescribe one of the following drugs to lower LDL cholesterol levels. Your physician or dietician will also probably suggest that you change your diet to one low in fat, maintain a healthy weight, get on a regular exercise program, and stop smoking.

Even though some of these drugs can help lower cholesterol, they be likely to be expensive and can produce serious side effects. Take time to read up on the side effects and consult with your doctor if serious effect occurs. Some Drugs have been successful in lowering cholesterol though; you should discuss this option in detail with your physician since there is definite risk associated with drugs.

Bile acids are secreted from the liver and gall bladder in the bile and this goes into the intestine to make softer any fatty material in food helping with absorption. A majority of these secreted bile acids are then reabsorbed from the intestines and then reverse to the liver. The one main problem of these drugs is the mal absorption. Nicotinic acid can lower LDL bad cholesterol and increase HDL good cholesterol additionally it has vitamin niacin can lower triglycerides.

Fibric acids reduce triglyceride production and removing triglycerides from circulation. These triglyceride-lowering drugs too increase the levels of HDL "good" cholesterol. About any medication, making the decision about which cholesterol-lowering drug is right for you is an important one then your doctor can also choose a single type of medication or some combination of these drugs. HMG-CoA medications can work by inhibiting the rate at which cholesterol is formed in the body. This type of drug also can assist draw cholesterol to the liver for excretion and their may some side effects with these drugs are stomach upset, vomiting, headache, and dizziness.

Liver function also should be occasionally tested in people taking this type of medication. Niacin has various actions affecting cholesterol formation and this drug to decrease LDL-cholesterol levels. It also raises HDL-cholesterol levels via mechanisms not yet understood. Side effects of niacin drugs are flushing, hot flashes, itching, and headache. People who take this type of drugs should have periodic liver function tests. Fibric acid derivatives medications reduce the formation and increase the breakdown of cholesterol and triglycerides and side effects of this class of drugs are heartburn and stomach pain, headache. People who take this drug also should have liver function tests occasionally.

It is very essential to take steps to control your cholesterol levels and if it is left untreated, high cholesterol can result in heart disease or even stroke. High cholesterol can be well controlled by combining a healthy lifestyle with the correct medical treatment and balanced diet food. The treatment of cholesterol can consist of synthetic prescription medication, natural remedies or a mixture of both. If you are already taking prescription medication to control cholesterol levels, it is important to consult your doctor before making any changes with medications.

There are several types of drugs to treat blood cholesterol levels, and they work in different ways. Some are drugs are best at lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol, some drugs are good at lowering triglycerides, while others help raise HDL (good) cholesterol.The general drugs for treating high LDL cholesterol are called statins. Other drugs that can be used include bile acid resins, cholesterol absorption inhibitors, fibrates, probucol, and nicotinic acid.If you are prescribed medication, do not stop taking it without consulting your doctor or health care providers.

If you have high cholesterol, you will probably need to take lifestyle changes and drug therapy throughout your life. Periodic monitoring of your blood levels is important. Reducing high cholesterol levels will slow the progression of atherosclerosis and have your cholesterol checked every 5 years or so, starting between the ages of 20 and 30 this test is must in each person. doctor.To help prevent high cholesterol: Maintain a healthy or normal body weight, Eat a well-balanced food, low-fat diet and Limit cholesterol intake.




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